Jawin’ With…Mr. Anderson Comedy


Posted by newton | Posted in Anderson Comedy, Podcast, Rob Crean, Stardom! | Posted on 03-10-2010

Precious and I had a chance to have a jaw with Mr. Anderson Comedy (a pretty dumb name if you ask me) who’s gonna be having us over at Great Scott on November 5th. I think he kinda looked like one of them hobbit guys but Precious said he was more a furry woodland creature. Either way, he spoke English and was a real nice guy!

Talkin’ With…Mr. Anderson Comedy

Howdy Everybody!


Posted by newton | Posted in Stardom! | Posted on 20-09-2010

It’s Newton, here! We on the World Web Wide on the AOL!  Me an Precious is learning how to be “hackers”! Stay tuned or we’ll  make your car turn on all by itself!

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